Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why Texas Is Still Frakkin' Red

OK, I was at the Bexar County CEC meeting last night; and of course their was lots of talk about Ciro's campaign, complete with resolutions, checks being written (started by a whopping $2,000.00 check by the Courage campaign), the whole ball of wax. Gina Castaneda, his campaign director was there, and as usual, she reflected Ciro himself, being quiet, patient, courteous.

Then David Van Os showed up, to a show of respect I haven't seen in a while. Right in the middle of a vote, everybody stood up and clapped as he walked in the door. He courteously waited until the end of the meeting, asked for the floor, and then began to talk about how Boyd Ritchie and his cabal are sitting on their assses while Ciro is facing Bonilla's Army.

Ciro is facing that Army with loyal but exhausted troops who have not had one single bit of help from the TDP, now or during the Special Election, a fact verified by Gina. She said that the campaign has asked for help in the run-off, but Boyd says they have no money and no people to help. Ciro is on his own, folks, in the most important frakkin' election left this year, and no-frakkin'-body, from the TDP to the DCCC is doing shit about it.

David went on to say that all the candidates in Texas faced the same ho, hum during the election; the TDP entering no fray, sending no personnel to any candidate from Barbara Ann on down the ticket. He told us that after Gregg Abbott was caught using official equipment and personnel in his campaign material, they did nothing, even though he pleaded with them to issue a press release, come out against Abbott. They refused to back their own candidate! And this happened all over the ticket, all year long. And you know why?

It's because what the TDP fat-cats do is, they take our money and then send it out of state to the DCCC, the DSCC, the Big Boys'Campaigns and PACs. The national groups get fat and sleek while the Texas Democrats, fightin' at home, don't even get left-over WWII C rations. We have to make our own frakkin' ammo and our own frakkin' guns, while the TDP sends all the good shit to John Edwards, Rahm Emmanuel and the Beltway Boyz.
Shame on them for asking when we are in such dire straits, and shame, shame, shame on Boyd Frakkin' So-What-If-I-Left-A-Candidate's-Name-Off-The-Convention-Program Ritchie.

You know what to do. Look into those sad Ciro eyes, then send a check - one more this year - to the last Texan Standing.

Then, call these people today, and let them know what frakkin' tools they really are.

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Winston said...

All right. I like your energy. I also approved your comment on the Banned Books Cafe Blog. I've actually opened it up for anyone to comment without approval.
But, if you're interested, let's exchange links. Also, send email and tell me who you are and I'll invite you to come in as a blog team member on the BBC blog.
And the next time you see Gina Castaneda, give her a hug for me. I named her the best politico for 2006 in the SA Current before I parted company with that newspaper.
And yeah, I like Rachael Ray too, at the risk of being drowned in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).