Saturday, November 05, 2005

Culinary Confessions, Part Deux

Got this idea from LisaSD over at Comfort Food, and I am going to run with it cuz I want to confess:

1. I hate papaya, definitely a Problem in San Antonio
2. I actually pay $3.99 apiece for artichokes
3. I sometimes let dirty dishes stay in the sink for 24 hours before I feel guilty
4. I have some tea in my cupboard that costs $165.00 per pound, and I am afraid to drink it. Little Harvard has no fear and brews it lavishly, and cavalierly throws out the dregs with nary a blink. Shouldn't we be making ice cream, salad dressing, or something from the dregs?
5. I read cookbooks in the bathtub
6. I think food and sex go well together
7. I am altogether too fussy about chocolate
8. I adore Rice Krispie Treats cereal, with milk or without
9. I like Pillsbury box brownie mix
10. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, due to all the food
11. I would like Christmas better if there were less decorating required so I could spend more time cooking
12. Speaking of Christmas, I really like fruitcake

Now, to get to the bitching part of my post today - lookee here for a righteous rant about a righteous rant. I am so mad at the RW Wackos running this country into the ground that I sometimes don't even want to eat, let alone cook. For this I am willing to actually get political. So now you know why I rant so much. I have been robbed of my most intense pleasures because I am too pissed off to think creatively.

Pray for me, and send me a good, simple recipe of something delicious.

Godde love ya.

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