Thursday, November 09, 2006

Swingin' Off The Tail Of The J

It have been a sad week for blue Texans, but we have to dry our eyes at the good national news. We've taken back the House and the Senate. Not to mention Nancy Pelosi proving once and for all that a woman's place really IS running the house. Or in this case, The House.

Probably not what the Republicans had in mind, eh?

This is a repost of something from our old Larry For Lege blog, predicting the takeover that we are just now begining. A little political theory never hurt no-one, now did it? At least not for those of us in the reality based community.

Have you ever heard of the Davies J-Curve theory? Yeah, me either until just recently. Essentially, and you can read a bit more about it here, the Davies J-Curve theory is a theory of revolution and uprising from a sociological perspective.

Here’s the thing about revolution and why people revolt:

It isn’t for political ideology or religion freedom or being beaten down by The Man one time too many.

Revolution occurs when a society’s citizens enjoy a time period of increased prosperity and well-being and then find it all snatched away.

Really, it’s surprising that the Bush administration’s whole Wag The Dog spin campaign clunked along for as long as it has. But, as Davies showed, Rove’s fear and terror campaign was doomed from the start; kinda like trying to create a Marxist society in an agriculturally-based economy such as Russia. No matter how hard you try, you really didn’t have the core ingredients you needed to start with.

This is why Americans are getting so damn mad. This is why I get emails from people in the district telling me they are going to vote against every incumbent on the ballot and what can they do to help support the Bulldog Dems.

People are willing to work hard to improve their quality of life. Americans are, historically and currently, known for pulling themselves up by the bootstaps and earning their prosperity. The Clinton administration understood this and made opportunities available for Americans to suceed. The Bush administration snatched them all away in order to give handouts to those who were already prosperous.

The Davies J-Curve is named such because a time of prosperity followed by sudden collapse looks like an upside down J when graphed. And here we are, swinging off the tail of the J just waiting for the revolution to begin.

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